Congratulations on graduating from University! You’ve done a great job, worked hard, played hard and probably had the most amazing few years – not to mention the new friends you will have made and all the growing up you will’ve inevitably done.

It’s time to get planning for your post-university job and I think the key to it is… get started now!

What you don’t need to worry about is that everyone else must’ve got their new job sorted already – they haven’t! You are in good company with the thousands of other graduates who have just embarked on their first few weeks post-university.

So – we have a few tips:

  1. Make a start now! Take a proactive approach and get the ball rolling.
  2. Formulate your CV & cover letter – it’s time to get it all down on paper – take your time to get it right. There are plenty of helpful guides to follow to support you with this.
  3. Remember that you are not just your degree result. You have many skills to offer. Completing a degree is impressive but also identify your transferable skills such as presentation, networking, critical thinking and relationship building. Consider ways to communicate these elements in preparation for interviews.
  4. Look at volunteering options – more than ever this is a hugely viable way to gain valuable experience and life skills to add to your portfolio.
  5. Keep up your hobbies or take up a new one – it’s a great way to keep your discipline and to grow your network.
  6. Unpaid work in your field of interest is always a good idea. Showing willing to take your career seriously will stand you in good stead against other applicants when jobs become available.
  7. Be positive and confident about your search. Practice the skill of selling yourself on paper and at interview – be mindful of the language you use to make sure it’s positive and assertive. I can, I will, I am strong at, my assets are….
  8. Look in your local area for networking events to join. Whatever the industry you’re looking to work in, there will be groups that you can join of like minded individuals. It could be formal or informal face to face meetings, reconnecting with lost contacts, social media or Linkedin – you just need to look for them and sign up.
  9. Do plenty of research into the companies that you are keen to work with. Don’t leave anything to chance – particularly when you have an interview to attend. Plan, research and prepare yourself thoroughly.
  10. Don’t become disheartened – success in your job search may not come overnight. Stay positive and don’t give up. Do ask for feedback from applications and interviews – use that feedback to work on in preparation for the next opportunity.