How can you be agile and adaptable with your recruitment in changeable, bumpy economic times?

What we do know is that there are skills shortages in several key areas across the workforce of the UK. Companies want to access new skills and have the flexibility to add to their talent pool as and when they need to. We are hearing more and more regularly that workloads are at peak levels and staff are feeling the pressure of additional commitments, expectations and responsibilities.

In times of some uncertainty, permanent recruitment appointments just may not be possible. Having a good understanding of the benefits of temporary, contract or interim recruitment options can support you in the times where a less permanent solution could be ideal for your business.

The benefits of hiring contract/temporary/interim workers

Knowing the right time to engage a temporary workforce is so important in your resource planning. It could be the ideal option for you to support a specific business need.

There are many reasons why a temporary solution could be hugely beneficial for your business. It could be holiday cover, long term sickness cover, project related requirements, busy peak periods in workload, a shortage of skills in certain areas or a short-term trial period for a possible permanent gap in the team.

There are so many excellent tangible benefits for you to be aware of:

  • You can take on a highly skilled workers who can hit the ground running, often a focussed person who is adept at problem solving and working to short deadlines.
  • It takes a lot less time to make the hire. It can be a decision made one day and a worker with you the following day. The worker can quickly be productive and effective as soon as you spot the gap in your team.
  • It is a very flexible option – helping you to be agile and respond to rapidly changing industry or project demands.
  • It is a cost-effective option; you pay for what you need and there is no annual salary to factor in.
  • In the case of an interim project assignment – it can often give you the chance to have a fresh perspective from someone outside of the organisation.
  • Working with a recruitment agency, you are assured of a fully compliant worker.