Because someday is not a day of the week

In order to feel like you are always moving forwards and accomplishing things, my advice would be to focus on planning and achieving goals that you set for yourself.  Another huge statement and often heard, so before you roll your eyes, let me give you my thinking behind it.

In any day we have several things which need to be achieved from the small to the big. The same applies to a week, a month, 6 months a year and so on. We all have plans of some description, we have responsibilities at home, work, sports teams, the gym, your hobbies and so on. We all have to decide in what order to accomplish those plans daily, weekly and in the longer term.

Set your own goals! And get used to the sense of working towards that goal, achieving it and then setting yourself the next goal. Take it step by step.

So… you have a thought, you turn the thought into a goal, the goal becomes a plan, plans are put into action and when you accomplish your plan – you feel success. And you can track the method and path that you used to feel that success. The easiest way to look at it is, if your goal doesn’t have a deadline to it then it really is just a thought or idea.

Achieving whatever the goal that you have set, is how you win and certainly helps towards you feeling much more in control of your own life.