Piling through research papers and study findings about the benefits of running – it’s hard not to just grab my trainers and get out running now. The list of good things that happen to the human body, mind and soul by taking up running is pretty much endless. 

Let’s explore a few of the ones which we feel could benefit both you as a person and your career goals and ambitions. 

Running improves the actual body in many ways – flexibility in your joints, it strengthens your bones, improves the clarity of your skin by boosting the cardiovascular system, looks after your heart, boosts lung efficiency and sharpens the brain function. 

The positive side effects for your mind are pretty impressive too.  It is reported that just 30 minutes of jogging can actively lift your mood, even brisk walking for 30 minutes can have the same impact. Various studies have concluded that there is firm evidence that running can support the brain to deal with stress more effectively and it can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression.  Your sleep quality could be improved, clarity in thinking and focus boosted and you will feel mentally more relaxed. 

Another interesting impact of taking up running is on your memory and ability to task switch and, in turn, focus more. For us, that’s the one that can help to boost your career and give you additional skills at work to push yourself further in your job. Together with memory improvements, there is some evidence that running can improve how quickly you learn things. 

Improving your skills and, with that, being more productive brings its own benefits – promotions, pay rises and confidence in your own ability. 

It’s not necessary to rush out and book yourself into the next marathon (unless you want to) – it’s just worth thinking about whether you can build short runs into your weekly habits. It has addictive qualities – half a mile here, 1 mile next and then building it to a place you’re comfortable with. 30 minutes of jogging, brisk walking or running a few times a week is highly likely to bring the benefits I’ve been describing. 

So…. you burn calories, feel mentally stronger, boost your confidence, be more productive at work, build your body strength and nourish your soul… 

If you can, surely it’s worth a try? 

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