We haven’t gone mad, I promise! 

The science bit 

Plants pretty much do the opposite of what we do when we breathe – releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. These office companions not only freshen up the air, but also eliminates harmful toxins. Clever really! There is plenty of research about this and in one experiment, it was found that plants can remove up to 85% of air toxins in a 24hour period. 

The business bit 

They can help to reduce sickness and absence rates; they make workspaces more attractive to job applicants and they can boost creativity… Plants can increase concentration in your employees and in turn boost productivity!  

Stress levels can be reduced, your mood and that of your colleagues can be boosted. Your team will, in turn, work harder and feel good about their jobs and maybe, just maybe, they could achieve more. 

Plants + humans + hard work = increased work rate, better results and a happier team. 


So… what are you waiting for for…. Get yourself down the garden centre! 

Drayton Fox has invested in some productivity-boosting team members – we call them Jim, Dave and Gary. And we’re very proud to have them as part of our Fox office set up!