We are coming to the end of a financial year at Drayton Fox and as we were compiling the business outcomes of our year, we wanted to reflect on the company values that we put in place 3 years ago. As a fairly new and growing business, we look at this every 6 months to make sure that the values are still fit for the current business and to ensure that we are living and breathing them in all that we do.

As business owners, Directors and leaders, I feel that being able to press the stop button and give yourself some time to stand back and assess how things are going, is vital to continued success. Stepping away and taking a good look at what’s being achieved and how is a healthy way to inform the strategy for the upcoming quarter and year.

Drayton Fox’s company values:

Sustainable, fair, engaged and progressive. Let’s take a look at how we feel we have stuck closely to our values to have a very strong year.

Sustainable – the last 18 months of global change has meant that we have had to be agile, open to change and it has given us chance to cement our offering to the market. We are proud of the repeat business that we have achieved.

Fair – we are delighted with the feedback from both clients and candidates as to how they have felt about their experience with Drayton Fox. From graduate placements through to executive appointments.

Engaged – having seen the recruitment landscape shift dramatically in the last 12 months, we are committed to listening to what’s needed and adapting what we offer. Be it service, approach, technology or cost.

Progressive – we have exciting enhancements coming in the next year and we are always keen to look at new and innovative recruitment solutions to complement our business.