You, your staff and your clients will never forget the last 18 months. Navigating through a global pandemic and emerging the other side has thrown us all into very unknown territory.

Have you set out and communicated a clear plan for how your business will look as we emerge from the pandemic?

More and more, I am hearing that people are beginning to feel concerned and uneasy about the next 6 – 12 months as they have no structure in place for how the return to the office or hybrid options will look. It’s leading to some beginning to look at other job opportunities.

Retaining your talent and being able to attract new staff to your business is going to make an important part of any strategy into 2022. Communicating and offering some certainty to your workers as we transition through the next stages is vital.

In some industries, the figures are showing that almost half of their employees are considering a job move in the latter half of 2021. Some have cited the lack of clear direction or route map for the company’s working logistics for July onwards, as their major concern.

Much emphasis is being placed upon how employees feel they have been treated throughout the last 18 months. Those workers who have experienced thoughtful communication, honest feedback, imaginative ways to support and coach workers, and decisive leadership are more likely to stay with their current employer.

Where there has been less communication, support and visible leadership, it has left some workers feeling that the future setup may not match their expectations and could lead them to making a move to a new employer.

Whether you’re looking to return to the office towards the end of June, looking to offer hybrid working options or planning to continue entirely flexible working structures – make sure you’re keeping everyone informed so they know what the future looks like for their job. Don’t forget that many people are missing the office, they enjoy the team environment and thrive on the support of those around them in a communal setup. Some have forged routines at home which work for them and / or their family. Being aware of all options available will offer stability and more certainty and will go a long way to engaging your employees as they embark on the next phase of the new working world in your business.