It’s something that we at Drayton Fox Recruitment work hard to ensure is done with empathy and with a useful way of achieving the goal of someone securing a new job in the future.

We hear more and more of people not being given a message or a call to explain why they were unsuccessful at a job interview.

Do you always make sure that you give feedback to all of those people that you interview?

Could you be guilty of meeting 3 people for your vacancy and getting very excited about finding ‘the one’, making the offer and ensuring you do all you can to secure that candidate but… forgetting to go to those lengths to reject those who have taken their time out to meet you but weren’t successful at this time?

When someone secures an interview for a job that they would really like to be successful with, it unlocks a chain of events. They prepare themselves, they research the company and job, they pick out their outfit, they work out the logistics for their personal circumstances and they get nervous to do their best.

If they are not successful then please let them know.

Let them know how they did, what they could’ve done differently and what may have been the reason for them not being the ideal candidate at this time.

If you feel there may have been a time that you didn’t do that, make a plan to be more effective in that space moving forwards.

It really matters.