Are you being noticed? 
How are your interviews going?

I have been working with quite a few graduates recently and it’s become really clear that those who are most appealing to hiring managers are those who can demonstrate work experience, life experience or have volunteering in their background.

With this information – it may be worth reworking your CV to make sure you have included the things that stand you out from the crowd.

I’ve had a number of conversations with clients in the last few weeks about the quality of graduates in the jobs market. Those who are being successful at interview are those who have been able to show & prove what they have learnt outside of formal education.

Some examples are… work experience (paid or unpaid), jobs they have had and life experience in the form of sports, care, teaching, coaching, mentoring and any kind of leadership opportunities.

What has been obvious is that those who are able to articulate their experiences are often those that clients can see in their team, infront of their clients and being able to hit the ground running.