Episode 1.

Where to start & the importance of your CV & profile

The complex search for work, having just finished at University or College, is well underway for thousands of young people.

It’s the beginning of exciting careers for many and the first experience of a full time, long term job in a chosen area. In order to be successful in the job search, there are a few things to think about, it’s worth spending some time considering these as you embark on your job hunt.

What kind of job is right for you?

What are you looking for in an employer?

What kind of team would you like to be a part of?

What type of leadership do you respond best to?

What can you bring to a job & what are your unique selling points?

Spend some time identifying your ‘employability skills’. Those skills that could stand you ahead of the other graduates and college leavers.

Do your research : once you know the type of company that you’d like to apply to – find out all you can about them. What they look for in graduates, what the company structure is, who the leaders are and how do people who work there feel about their job and the company. You can find this information on many websites – for example – Glassdoor & LinkedIn.

When you are putting your CV together – ensure you focus on your achievements. Everyone has had a different journey and will be able to pin point achievements in their lives that they are proud of. It’s important to set those out and add them to your profile to work alongside your college or university education grades and qualifications.

Don’t miss off your volunteering work when compiling your personal statement / CV. It’s often there that some of the most important skills are learnt. The same goes for sporting achievements, leadership opportunities that you have had, positions of influence you may have been in & projects you have led during your education. Make sure you think carefully about all of those things to build a good picture of you for your CV / profile.

Get LinkedIn savvy – set this up, populate with relevant work related information and start to network in your industry of choice and with like minded people.

It’s not imperative that you know exactly what you want to do for a job when you leave college or University – not everyone has an exact path mapped out. But some good advice is to take time to prep your CV and profile when you graduate from college or University, while things are fresh in your mind. Infact, you should keep your CV / profile up-to-date throughout your career, noting down all of your achievements, promotions or experiences as they happen.

Episode 2 will look at interview techniques and offer handling.

If you would like support with your CV or compiling your personal profile, please get in touch. For advice on how to start your job search as a graduate, we can help. There are many places who can offer you support in your job search. Use the tools available to you to be fully prepared for the search ahead of you.

Jeni Jones




Alex Wyatt