Exit interviews are just as important as the initial hiring interviews – and they’re getting even more important.

It’s absolutely clear that across many industries, people have been rethinking the role that work plays in their lives. For those who worked through the last 2 years, it has become obvious that a better & more balanced work/life situation is possible. Showing innovation and being able to adapt to this change in mindset will help to strengthen your business in the long run. Without a doubt, things are different now.

Priorities have started to change and many people have been through a process of questioning what makes them happy and what role work will play in their lives moving forwards. The great resignation has dropped out of the bottom of the post-pandemic era and paying close attention to exit interviews can offer businesses insight and the opportunity to plan for your recruitment & retention strategy moving forwards. Use the feedback that you’re given wisely – it’s valuable information that can help to mold your plans and make changes to your business.

Most companies have extensive onboarding programs which offer the highest level of support to new employees and soften their start with the business. 2022 may well see the rise in offboarding planning & delivery. Supporting those leaving your business through resignation or redundancy is so important. How you treat employees as they leave your business will leave a lasting impression. Given the shortage in skills, you should consider that a leaver who may well return to your business in the future could be a real asset. How the person feels when they walk out of the door could be the difference between a loyal worker returning and them taking their skills to a competitor or leaving the industry completely. Offboarding can be very powerful and is beneficial to all involved.

Some example questions to ask during an exit interview

What made you start looking for a new job?

What did you enjoy about working with our business?

What would you change to make it a better place to work?

How will you describe your time here to others?

What piece of advice would you give to someone joining our business in the future?

Would you consider coming back to work for us in the future?