We walked into a coffee shop at 8 am this morning to be greeted by a chap who had been out over the weekend to buy a new suit, he was looking so smart, with a fresh haircut, he had had a good night’s sleep and his prep was in a new work bag. He has a coffee in his hand to calm the nerves. He was ready to start his brand-new job on a sunny Monday morning in the South West. 

Team Drayton Fox spent half an hour with our latest placement to make sure he felt ready for a hugely important day. He spoke about his excitement at starting with the new company and the butterflies in his stomach knowing that he is going to be working with a new team, new bosses and a new office.  

We chatted about his journey so far, the interviews he had attended and what he was looking forward to most in the 1st few weeks of his new venture. We finished our coffees, walked him to the door of the office and shook his hand – he thanked us for our hard work and walked in excited about what lay ahead of him.  

It’s such a fantastic feeling knowing that we support and influence the employment market by offering a personal touch to what we do. Matching skills with job requirements, understanding what the client is really looking for and giving them all choice when it comes to their selection process.  

We love what we do for a living – we are not only supporting those people who are looking to change jobs or start their career but also those companies looking for new talent in order to grow over the coming years. 

No matter how long you’ve been recruiting for or in whatever sector you may operate in – there is nothing better than the feeling of doing a great job for a group of people. After all, your job is so critical to who you are as a person, it’s often where you spend the majority of your time and it’s where you earn the money to pay for your lifestyle – so being happy at work and feeling that you are always moving forward is vital. 

Good luck to anyone who is starting a new job – give it everything you have and enjoy the journey.