Are you a small construction business in need of employees? Are you finding it hard to fill certain roles? If so, you know that hiring the right employee is difficult and time-consuming. The stress of recruitment can then lead to filling roles with less-than-ideal candidates.

Hiring the right people can be one of the biggest challenges for small contractors. Often, you are doing all the tasks yourself, making it hard to spend dedicated time on hiring. Also, it is difficult to select candidates based on your unique job requirements. Do you hire based on qualifications, personality or trainability? These are a couple of the issues that can creep up when recruiting into a small company.

4 Tips to Help You Hire the Best Talent


Small contractors struggle to compete with larger firms when it comes to recruitment. Large companies can offer more benefits, better pay, and job security. Yet, a small contractor can make up for its lack of size by offering employees a unique work environment.

Here are some tips:

Foster an environment that makes your employees feel they are part of something meaningful. You can create a sense of community by establishing company values and encouraging employees to live by them. This will help build trust between management and workers. It will make everyone more willing to go above and beyond for each other and the company.

If you create an empowering culture where employees feel they have a voice, you will be able to recruit and retain the best candidates.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach potential applicants. The more people who see your company name on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the better. They will see your projects, the company culture, and how well you treat your employees.

If you’re going to spend time using social media anyway, it makes sense to use it as a recruitment tool too!

Let your employees tell their friends about working for you

A good way to attract new employees is to let current employees take an active role in recruiting. Ask them to tell their friends about working for you, or even offer them a bonus if they bring someone in who gets hired.

Recruiting can also be costly. You can reduce the cost of hiring by employing people your valued staff endorse.


Finally, when you find the right person, act and make an employment offer right away. You can’t afford to lose a great candidate to a company that offers them a job before you.


It’s true that competing with big construction companies can be difficult. But, with a good recruitment strategy, you can find great candidates.