If you haven’t realised it yet – job seekers are firmly in the driving seat…

So why will your next hire want to choose you over their other options? What makes you stand out as an employer?

Because quite frankly – it’s a candidate led jobs market out there – you need to be clear on what you can offer and why you’re the right choice for them – job seekers currently have plenty of choice.

So as an employer and someone who is looking to recruit in their business, it’s harder to attract and retain talent. Good news, there are things you can do to elevate yourself.

Speed & agility – duck and weave

Book that interview in and move quickly. Be able and willing to adapt to times, locations, days – there needs to be give and take and flexibility from the start of the process to put you at the front of the queue.  Be clear on the number of stages that the process entails, any written tasks and plans for offer making. Get your cards on the table – be transparent every step of the way.

Pre-empt the paper work – can an offer and contract be drawn up in preparation for finding the right person which just then needs tweaking to match the chosen applicant. Move quickly, be agile and be prepared.

What makes you stand out?

People are making job moves, there is a sense of fluid movement between business – payrises are back on the table, work life balance following the return to offices is a feature and leadership / culture still plays a very large part of reasons for moving jobs.

What elevates you as an employer? What are your selling points, differences and/or quirks which puts you on a pedestal compared with other employers? Can you articulate it?

Consider what the company looks like to the outside world? Does the website sing about your culture and everything that makes it a great place to work? Can someone easily gauge, from your marketing, linked in posts, articles, what kind of workplace it is and how the business is developing? Be sure to also have a good idea about training opportunities – particularly in those highly sought after skills.

Prepare for bumps in the road – counter offers – delays.

Counter offers are rife. No-one wants talent to leave their team. The market is tricky, so companies are working hard to try and keep hold of their staff. At the moment somewhere in the region of 1 in 4 people are receiving a counter offer on handing their notice in. So, now you know that, you can build that into your process, consider your offer, be clear on benefits on offer, understand the flexible working options – you can find out in interview exactly what the applicant is looking to change about their job, pay, package or work life balance – be prepared to tweak and focus your offer on those factors where possible.

Keep an eye over your shoulder – in the first 12 weeks, the new starter could well be contacted by their old employer and indeed other companies – your induction, onboarding and leadership planning will be key to settling them into their new job. An invite to a social event while they are working their notice period goes a long way to building loyalty and excitement around starting their new post.

Begin the strong relationship with your potential new recruit from the very start of the process – and set your stall out for what they can expect in a career alongside you and your company.