Have we forgotten how to celebrate the success of others? And if so, why?

I don’t quite know where it has come from, but it has sadly become more normal, in recent years, to be outwardly or inwardly furious about other people achieving success. Why them and not me? I should be successful and not them. The fake smile and the secret feeling of jealousy. It’s very unhealthy and having researched the topic – there are many more reasons to join in a celebration with someone else who is successful than festering and letting it consume you with negativity. 

I love the quote that says ‘be very aware of anyone who doesn’t clap for you when you win’. That is so true. 

So… why is it good to celebrate the success of others? 

Firstly, it will make you want to go on to feel your own success. 

Feeling good for someone else’s success helps you build on the same feelings you need for your own magic moments. So, walk a mile in their shoes – think about what it took for them to get to where they are and how they worked hard for that success. It’s a way to condition your own mind to want to experience the same congratulations when it’s your turn to be successful at whatever task it is.  

Secondly, are you part of a bigger picture? Because it may not be all about you! 

Those who are very successful rarely want all of the focus on themselves. But often those who struggle to celebrate other people’s wins, do wish for the attention to all be on them. While it may sound harsh – it is often the case. Work hard to be a little more selfless – share in success, become part of that bigger picture of success. Support and help other people.  

Third, everyone can be successful. Opportunities for success won’t run out! 

It’s not a limited offer only! You won’t miss the ‘success boat’ and never see it again!  It is possible for everyone to feel success if you put your minds and plans in place to achieving it.  

Create your own. Don’t be concerned that others have something that you thought was somehow yours. Go out there and make it happen for yourself! Praise others, be excited for their achievements. There is plenty to go around! 

Forth, humble is better. 

Minimising your own ego will help you to do better by others. Businesses and projects fail because people get so caught up in their own very temporary success bubble. Eliminate jealousy and focus on the beginnings of praising other people who have made a success of themselves. It’s addictive and opens the mind. You can then transfer those feelings towards your own projects. 

Number five, you will learn something new – you will start to engage with a different network 

It is true that people like people who make them feel good; that’s how networks are grown. Feel good for other people, help them to feel good about themselves. It’s amazing how much that will affect what you do and think and say next.  If you can be anything, be kind. It will rub off on you! 

And lastly, smiling makes your feel better and makes others feel good too! 

Praise others! Practice praising others everyday. Small things or big things. Let them know that they are inspiring you to go on and strive for your own success. Seeing them getting their plaudits and pats on the back has really driven you to want to achieve the same. Tell them that!  

And when you say well done, mean it! Congratulating others will start a bit of a positivity circle. The more you celebrate other people’s success, the more success you will achieve. 

And…. that is what the world needs a little more of, especially right now. 

Start practising today!