We had fun putting this list together in the office, there are so many things that creep up on us and start to make us realise we’re a bit more of an adult than we realised! Sure, there are days when we would all like to be 10 years old again but, we’re all growing up and Team Drayton Fox think these things are a sure-fire bet that we’re adults!

  1. You pay your own bills
  2. You enjoy cooking your own meals with a recipe
  3. You watch the news by choice
  4. You pay for your own haircut
  5. You book your own appointments
  6. You take a coat out on a night out
  7. You iron your own clothes
  8. You enjoy candles and cushions
  9. You take rubbish to the tip
  10. You have an opinion on politics
  11. You own your own lawnmower
  12. You don’t buy the cheapest wine in the shop
  13. You have changed a tyre on a car
  14. You have a populated calendar
  15. You have a few plates that you use for ‘best’
  16. You have more than 3 keys
  17. You have a newfound respect for classical music
  18. You do your own washing long before you run out of clothes to wear
  19. Teenagers seem very noisy to you these days
  20. You make an involuntary ‘oof’ noise when sitting down or standing up
  21. You now understand what your family meant with ‘you’ll understand when you’re older’
  22. You have savings
  23. A person in a shop refers to you as ‘the lady’ ‘or ‘the man’
  24. You have a job
  25. You enjoy reading and not just for homework anymore
  26. You look forward to staying in
  27. You reply to 11pm texts at 7am the next day
  28. You have at least 30 bags for life under the sink
  29. You have insurance on your phone
  30. You have started holding the menu just a little bit further away in restaurants!