1 – Keep your mind open to learning – you will never know it all! 

For me there is nothing more important than remaining open to learning everyday – there is always something new to take on board – keep your mind open and stay eager to be taught new things by those in your life. Infact, actively search out learning throughout your life. 

2 – Don’t worry so much 

It took me a long time to realise this, but worry is a rather wasted emotion.  And one which tends to make tricky situations even worse. Nerves are usually good – before exams, your driving test, a presentation, a networking event or an interview but nerves inspire good adrenaline which helps you to prepare the body. Worry, on the other hand, is more of a negative feeling which consumes you and is so much more of a negative distraction. It also clouds your judgment when making decisions. 

3 – Give the tough days permission to help you to grow 

Life won’t always be easy – there will be bumps in the road, problems you will have to face, and you may well encounter really hard times along the way. I think it’s so important to realise that all storms do pass eventually. If you can give those tough times the permission to help you grow rather than damage you, then you will be stronger coming out the other side. 

4 – Don’t let anyone else dictate your life 

Life will take twists and turns and just when you think you have your path sorted, you may make decisions to change it or external factors may change your path for you. The important thing that I have learned is to stay in control of your own route as much as possible. No-one can do a better job at being you, than you. 

5 – Trust your gut instincts 

You will become familiar with that feeling you get when you meet someone, or you are involved in a situation which doesn’t feel quite right – it’s a sort of butterfly feeling and a deep niggling which won’t go away. It’s your gut instinct telling you something. Trust that! It is rarely wrong. Just listen to it, and it should help inform what you do next. 

6- Push yourself out of your comfort zone 

Embrace chances to grow, see new opportunities as positive, if you’re not sure how to do something – give it a go anyway. I would say, don’t stay in your comfort zone all the time, you may well miss out on some of the fun and you may also miss out on something that you are brilliant at but may previously not have even tried. If there is an opportunity to better yourself – take it. Give it a go! 

7 – Don’t always follow the well-trodden path 

It may be that all your friends and colleagues take a certain path in their studies or jobs or hobbies – you don’t have to follow them. I would say that as my career progressed, the biggest promotions came from me going my own way and putting my hand up for things that were not the same path as everyone else. Fortune does very often favour the brave! 

8 – When one door closes, another door will open 

Just when you think the door has closed and you have to face a problem – if you can remain positive and keep your mind open – another door may just be opening somewhere else. I firmly believe that. There have been times where I have thought that something ending is a really bad thing only to turn around and see a better opportunity just around the corner. 

9 – Be grateful – say thank you often 

Throughout your life, people will help you. They will hold doors for you, look out for you, come to your aid when you need them, teach you, care for you, buy you a coffee, drop a parcel off, wash your car, be your friend, send you a birthday card… the list is endless. My advice is – say thank you to each and every one. Consistently and without exception. 

10 –  Hold the door open for others 

In return for other people helping you throughout your life – be the person who holds the door open for others. Do not put your head down and leave small acts of kindness to other people. Take responsibility for offering a helping hand to others where possible and as often as possible. 

11 – Have good coaches and mentors 

Having positive role models, coaches and mentors throughout your life will be a vital cog in the wheel of your growth. It could be your family, friends, work colleagues, boss, counsellor or independent mentor – but identifying them and establishing what you can do to work together to best effect will add huge value to your life. 

12 – Smile at people – you may just make their day 

Smile at people… because… why not? Just when someone may be having a rubbish day, a smile in a shop, on the train, at work or when you let them out at a junction in the car, could just bring a smile to their face. It costs nothing and it’s a very good habit to have. You could positively influence someone’s day with the smallest, cheapest act of all 😊